Electrical Control and PLC Application Technology
主讲老师: 彭伦天
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Course Introduction of "Electrical Control and PLC Application Technology"
"Electrical Control and PLC Application Technology" is an important professional competence core course in electrical automation, mechatronics technology, industrial robot technology, numerical control equipment and other majors, and the professional audience is relatively wide. This course integrates computer technology, automatic control technology and network communication technology. It is a comprehensive and practical course with close integration of principles and applications.
This course is based on school-enterprise cooperation and inter-school cooperation, and takes professional post competence training as the main line. The most widely used Siemens S7-1200 series PLC is used as the carrier. Through the combination of theory and practice, project-based teaching design enables the course to be taught Resources are closely related to the actual work of the job, highlighting the training of core occupational skills, the learning of basic knowledge and the development of professional quality. The rich curriculum resource library can provide multiple learning platforms for teachers, students, enterprise employees and independent learners in vocational colleges.
Learning this course well lays a solid foundation for the design, development and maintenance of industrial control systems in the future, and is an important basic guarantee for shaping various professional talents in equipment manufacturing. Therefore, this course occupies an important position and role in the teaching plans of various majors in equipment manufacturing. Its importance is not only reflected in the ability of "programming + equipment debugging", but also in guiding students to realize the conversion of problem-solving thinking-training students' project thinking ability. This course has a good influence on international students from countries in the Belt and Road Initiative, attracting more international students to join the course, and contributing to the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative.

1. Getting to know PLC 免费
2. The working principle of PLC 免费
3. S7-1200 hardware analysis 免费
4. S7-1200 module installation 免费
5. Installation of programming software and simulation software 免费
6. Getting started with TIA Botu and hardware configuration 免费
7. S7-1200 data type and system storage area 免费
8. Write user program and use variable table 免费
9. S7-1200 user program structure 免费
10. Download, simulation and debugging of user program 免费
11. Cross-reference table and program information 免费
12. Basic bit logic instructions 免费
13. Set reset instruction 免费
14. On-delay timer command 免费
15. Hold-on delay timer command 免费
16. Turn off delay timer command 免费
17. Counter instruction 免费
18. Comparison operation instruction 免费
19. Conversion operation instruction 免费
20. Move operation instructions 免费
21. Shift and rotate instructions 免费
22. Math function instructions 免费
23. Basic logic operation instructions 免费
24. Other instructions 免费
25. High-speed counting and high-speed pulse output 免费
26. Interrupt events and interrupt instructions 免费
27. Empirical Design Method of Ladder Diagram 免费
28. Sequence control design and sequence function diagram 免费
29. Single sequence programming method 免费
30. Select the programming method of the sequence 免费
31. Parallel sequence programming method 免费
32. Basics of Network Communication 免费
33. PROFINET IO system configuration 免费
34. Open user communication based on Ethernet 免费
35. S7 protocol communication 免费
36. Modbus RTU protocol communication 免费
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